Vision & Mission

The REAL mission of schooling is to inculcate in students the values of social justice, understanding and appreciation of diversity, patience and tolerance, empathy, fearlessness and courage.These help in developing the ability to live together in harmonious communities. We envision an education system that breeds inspiration and innovation and kindles the dormant forces, faculties and talents of the students.

Chairman Message

There is an importance of education behind any developed society whether developing is an economic, social, scientific or worthiness. The education works to sow the etiquette in the mind of human being in appropriate manner which has been perceptible in the figure of behavior of the person as well as horripilation, blooming and fulfilling.

The children who are the probable citizen of this country, it will come to evolution of encumbrance of the future of this country on their strength of arms. They may get the capacity to encourage the attitude. For this, I had felt the need of the importance of the education in this area at that time when it was beginning of this colony. In the form of lively consideration, this school as named “” was situated on 28th April, 2002 which got the position of respect of the guardian’s believeness, love and the hard labor of ours well qualified and educated teachers.

I hope that the school will have been getting the love and the strength of believeness. Our all the teachers will provide a better citizen of this country on the behalf of hard work and also they would participate to increase the proudness and success of the school on the behalf of hard labor of the teachers.

Principal Message

It is a public service oriented, non-profit organization, with the spouse of the serving Cabinet Secretary as its chairperson. The Mission of the School is to provide the right inputs to help the children grow up into caring and sharing individuals, equipped to make the right choices in life & grow up to be responsible citizens of the country & the world.

The school's motto 'Knowledge is Liberation' is the cornerstone around which the character and personality of every child is built. The Society visualises an educational system based on the four basic tenets : universal values, excellence in all things, global understanding by viewing diversity as an asset, and service to humanity.