Computer Education

The computer is the latest miracle. It has brought about the greatest-ever revolution in the world in its wake, thus making the world a global village. Of course, a student who wants to be up-to-date and keep pace with others across the world aspires to acquire a good knowledge of computer science. This down-to-earth fact has goaded the management into building a lush computer laboratory, furnished with more than two dozen up-to-date computers. Equipped with the latest version of the computer and several rare books on the subject, the School is one of the few catering for computer education.

Smart Class

Smart Class is a highly interactive computer based aid which makes lessons come alive. Through the Smart class program teachers use digital resources such as Animation Clips, Videos, Diagrams, Maps, Graphs, Working models, Computer based simulations etc. from the vast repository, while teaching the chosen topic in the classroom enabling students to acquire a faster and a better understanding of the concepts taught. Through the internet teachers connect to information resources far beyond the physical confines of the classroom and bring the virtual world within the walls of the classroom thus exponentially increasing the knowledge base for practical use in teaching and learning.

Math Lab

Which creates an environment for student-centric explorative (learning by doing). It is all about learning, verifying and visualizing mathematical concepts in a ‘fun’ way. It inculcates learning through ‘Applied Reasoning’. This learner centered approach to math helps every child imagine, investigate and interact effectively. The multiple teaching and learning aids comprises technology applications, videos, manipulative and measuring instruments, tables, charts and so much more.


The School has an extremely rich library, the books of which embrace all the major disciplines. It is further been made useful by amassing a good many books meant for various competitions, especially engineering and medical entrance examinations. The collection of the books of English literature and on the English language is beyond description.


A sound knowledge of and a penetrating insight into science are but distant dreams for lack of experiments. A school catering for the study of the Stream of Science is judged according to the laboratory facilities it provides for its students. Bearing all that in mind, the School (the Senior Wing) is admirably furnished with well-equipped, spacious laboratories, capable enough of providing the students with all their needs.


Games and Sports have always been an integral part of the school’s curricula. The Junior Sports Day ‘Eurythmics’and Senior Sports Day Extravaganza ‘Synergy’ are power packed with vigour ,skill and a celebration of the uncrushable spirit of sportsmanship.

Health Care

Periodical medical check-ups are necessary for the child’s development. To ascertain proper growth and health of the students, a Medical Officer carries out these check-ups at regular intervals. First-aid facilities are always available to the students.

Water And Power Supply

The School has pure drinking water for the children, duly tested and approved by the Health Department. It is also equipped with stand - by generators for uninterrupted power supply.